Cheese and Charcuterie

7 each, any three for 16, or any five for 25
served with Murray Hollow Bread, gluten-free crackers available

Pyramid Scheme ~ Champlain Valley Creamery
ash ripened triple cream, supremely creamy with hints of grass

Dorset ~ Consider Bardwell Farm
soft ripening cheese, raw cow milk, seasonally influenced pungency, buttery texture

Slyboro ~ Consider Bardwell Farm
semi-soft, raw goat milk, washed rind with Slyboro hard cider

Rupert ~ Consider Bardwell Farm
semi-hard, aged raw Jersey cow milk, butterscotch flavors, Swiss cheese family

Four Corners Cheddar ~ Cobb Hill Cheese
welsh style cheddar, raw cow milk, sharp, with a tangy finish

Bayley Hazen Blue ~ Jasper Hill Farm
raw cow milk blue cheese, subdued, creamy, and grassy

Chèvre ~ Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery
Argyle farm goat milk cheese, extremely delicate, smooth in texture and taste

Toscano ~ Olli Salumeria
pork fennel pollen dry aged salame

Calabrese ~ Olli Salumeria
spicy pork dry aged salame

Cacciatorini ~ Dancing Ewe Farm
dry aged pork and beef salame from Granville

Pâté~ House Made
mousse pâté of local pastured chicken livers


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