Dinner SUMMER 2017

The ” Sweet Beet” Salad *
bibb lettuce, fennel buttermilk dressing, jeweled beets, Bayley Hazen blue, fennel walnuts 12

Caprese Salad
fresh tomato and peach slices, Maplebrook Farm burratta, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil,
Maldon sea salt bread crunch & crostini, 15

Mixed Greens Salad *
local greens, shallot herb vinaigrette, seasonal vegetable 7
add sautéed chicken breast or 5 wild shrimp to any salad, 4/8

Crudités *
beet hummus, shallot yogurt dip with crudités of summer vegetables 12

Bread and Olive Oil
bread, olive oil and balsamic, serving for two 3.50, serving for four 5

Chimmichurri Shrimp *
seared shrimp, parsley cilantro chili sauce, cabbage, lime juice 12

Pickle Plate *
3 kinds of pickles, olive oil 5

Castelvetrano Olives *
marinated, spiced, warmed 5

Cheese and Chutney Toasts 12

Cheese and Charcuterie with pairings
7 each, any three for 16, or any five for 25

Blueberry Barbeque Chicken *
roasted local pastured chicken legs, crisped fingerlings, sweet corn summer salad 30

Beer Braised Brisket
roasted potatoes and yams, juicy onions, pickled vegetable, ranch 20/29

Farmstand Tagliatelle
fresh egg pasta, garlic cream, cherry tomatoes, local sweet corn, garlic, basil, topped with goat cheese 23

Thai Coconut Shrimp *
red curry, coconut milk, seasonal vegetables, cilantro, lime, brown rice 25
vegan option substitute tofu 22

Zucchini Linguini *
basil and arugula pesto, fresh tomatoes, zucchini noodles, fresh Maplebrook burratta 23

organic heirloom corn tortillas, fresh salsa, slaw, chard garlic scape crema, brisket 15/21

Kid’s Fare
Linguini Butter Noodles or Quesadilla 6
Sloppy Joe~ grass-fed beef bolognese on toasted snowflake roll 12
(choose carrot sticks or salad greens)

D E S S E R T S 7 … Ask about today’s selections

*****Indicates a gluten free selection