Current Lunch SUMMER 2017


The ” Sweet Beet” Salad *
bibb lettuce, fennel buttermilk dressing, jeweled beets, Bayley Hazen blue, fennel walnuts 12

Caprese Salad
fresh tomato and peach slices, Maplebrook Farm burratta, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil,
Maldon sea salt bread crunch & crostini, 15

Mixed Green Salad *
local greens, shallot herb vinaigrette, seasonal vegetable 7

(add sautéed chicken breast or 5 shrimp 4/8)

Crudités *
beet hummus, shallot yogurt dip with crudités of summer vegetables 12

Bread and Olive Oil
bread, olive oil and balsamic, serving for two 3.50 or serving for four 6

Chimmichurri Shrimp *
seared shrimp, parsley cilantro chili sauce, cabbage, lime juice 12

Pickle Plate *
3 kinds of pickles, olive oil 5

Castelvetrano Olives *
marinated, spiced, warmed 5

Cheese and Chutney Toasts
chef’s choice, warmed 12

HOT SANDWICHES served w/chips

Sloppy Joe
grass-fed beef bolognese, toasted snowflake roll, red onion slice, Parmesan 15

Sweet Beet Burger
vegetarian burger, toasted snowflake roll, spicy mayo, lettuce 15
(add cheddar or Swiss 1, add feta, goat or blue 2)

Grilled Brisket Reuben
beer braised beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, & spicy mayo 16

Chicken Cheddar
pan-seared chicken breast, cheddar, baby greens, chutney 12

Grilled Cheese
cheddar or swiss, with house made chutney 9

Kid’s Grilled Cheese
choice of chips or carrot sticks 6
(gluten-free rolls are available for sandwiches 2)

D E S S E R T S 7 … Ask about today’s selections

We proudly support local farms and vendors:
Long Days, Battenkill Valley Creamery, King Bakery, Crandall’s Corners, Murray Hollow Bakers,
Owl Wood, Wedding Hill, Mack Brook, St. Croix, Vermont Fresh Pasta, The Alleged, Good Fence, Saratoga Apple, Argyle Brewing Company, Victory View, Hand Melon, Moxie Ridge, Champlain Valley Creamery, Consider Bardwell, Amorici Vineyards, Cobb Hill, Saratoga Gluten-Free, Jasper Hill,
Dancing Ewe, Old Chatham Creamery, Maple Milk Farm, Vermont Creamery, Saratoga Olive Oil


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