Wine List

Wine List
White, Rosé & Sparkling
House White, Cuvée Des Chevaliers, France $6

Pinot Grigio, Vigneti del Sole, Veneto, Italy, 2014 Organic $9/28

Chardonnay, Heron, California, 2014 Organic $10/32

Riesling, Selbach, Mosel, Germany, 2014 $9/28

Charlotte, Victory View Vineyard, Schaghticoke, NY, 2014 Farm Bottled $9/28

Sancerre, Pastou, Les Boucaukt, Loire Valley, France Organic $12/38

Prosecco, Cecelia B., Conegliano, Italy $10/32

Port Style Wine, Amorici Vineyards, Valley Falls, New York Local $9

Rosé of Grenache/Syrah, Gerard Beretrand, Côtes de Roses, France, 2016 $10/32

House Red, Cuvée Des Chevaliers, France $6

Malbec, Taymente, Mendoza, Argentina Organic $9/28

Cabernet Sauvignon, Joel Gott, Napa, California, 2013 $12/38

Pinot Noir, Rickshaw Wines, California, 2014 Organic $12/38

Bottle Only
LaFayette, Victory View Vineyard, Schaghticoke, NY, 2015 Award winning $28

Marquette, Amorici Vineyard, Valley Falls, NY, 2013 Award winning $28

Rioja, Viña Ardanza, Spain, 2008 Reserve $75

Cabernet Sauvignon, Paul Hobbs, “Crossbarn”, Napa Valley, 2013 Sustainable $95

Argyle Brewery Local $6
Warsteiner, German ‘Pilsener’ $7
Warsteiner, German ‘Dunkel’ $7
Liefmans Sour Ale, Amber Belgian, 750 ml Bottle for 2 ppl $20
Clausthaler German~ Non-Alcoholic $6
Nine Pin Cider $7


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