About our Community Supported Restaurant Memberships

Become a Member Investor of Sweet Beet
As part of Sweet Beet’s Restaurant mission plan, we are extending a unique invitation for our patrons to be a part of a community-supported restaurant (CSR).
People are familiar with community-supported agriculture, so we wanted to apply that same idea to our restaurant. A CSA is a way for locals to create a relationship with a farm and to receive weekly products in season. By making a financial commitment to a farm, people become member investors of the CSA. The CSA movement has helped to make independent, healthy farming sustainable.
Like a CSA farm share, with the concept of a Community Supported Restaurant, you pay in advance for goods or services – in this case, for meals at the restaurant! And, when we serve you food (rather than sending a check to the bank to repay a loan), it means we buy more from local farmers!
After over 5 years in operation, the business shows great promise, and has received many 5 star reviews, overwhelmingly positive feedback on its food, atmosphere, service, and events.
All Community Supported Restaurant membership investments, are mutually beneficial because it gives a 10% return to the member, while allowing us the funding up front, especially during slower months, to keep improving the experience for our guests. Visions and dreams for the future of Sweet Beet include moving to a city location with a full bar, and/or possibly creating a retail space in one store front, to showcase some Sweet Beet items, and local farm and vendor products, so that every customer of Sweet Beet would also have knowledge of, and access to, our 50+ local business and farm purveyors.
CSR membership commits the customer to regularly dine at Sweet Beet and creates a sense of ownership with a great restaurant. It also encourages bringing in new folks and introducing them to the restaurant, which is something we love! As a member, you can allow friends/family/co-workers to come in and have dinner on you, if you like. We have limited availability, so you’re considered a restaurant VIP, which is pretty cool!
As an investor you will be part of a community that cares about food and where it comes from, while actively supporting a female owned and operated local business. Sweet Beet pledges to sustain the local economy by keeping the dollars spent on food, in our same community where the food is grown, completing the circle.

How does it work?

_____$500 investment gets you a $550 house account

_____$1,000 investment gets you $1,100 house account

_____$2,000 investment gets you a $2,200 house account

_____$5,000 investment gets you a $5,500 house account

Membership is good for one year from date of purchase. You can sign up by stopping in to see us, or phoning. All sales are final, and membership is not refundable.
(Black out months are January and February.)
Please call us at 518-692-0200 or Email us at sweetbeetbistro@gmail.com for more info.

If you are interested in investing in the new location on a more permanent scale let us know!